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"Ashley is absolutely amazing to work with. Andy and myself had a great time and learned so much from her. I loved her approach and training style, she worked at our speed, explained and demonstrated the techniques and never pushed or rushed us. Also she was extremely patient with Andy who would slow down halfway through training and get tired. We would take a small time out, and then try a new trick or command which got Andy excited again. I highly recommend Ashley for all your training needs, she is fun and very knowledgeable."

Janine S. (Andy's Mom)


"Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Fiadh has stayed with Ashley several times throughout the last 2 years, and she always loves it. Ashley gives great insight and coaching whenever we speak, a positive experience with a great positive reinforcement trainer. Would 100% recommend!"

Colin M. (Fiadh's Dad)


"Ashley has been an asset in training our sweet dog, Gus! Every time we send him to her he comes back a better and more well mannered dog. She works on everything we ask her to with him and more! Because of her amazing backyard, his recall has improved significantly! She also only gives him the best treats with the highest quality ingredients. Gus loves her and we're so grateful to have Ashley in our and Gussy's life!!"

Jennifer S. (Asparagus' Mom)

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